Skatepark, Rio De Janeiro, Madureira Skatepark, Bob Burnquist

Madureira Skatepark: Rio De Janeiro

It’s undoubtedly been an active couple of years for Rio De Janeiro, from hosting the Olympics and the World Cup to their annual carnival celebration, Rio has become a hotbed for tourism and public events. Those aren’t the only big things that are happening in Brazil’s seaside city however. Thanks in part to a community […]

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Bob Burnquist and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Vert Ramp

Bob Burnquist Rio Vert Ramp and Why Skateboarding Matters from Skatelite on Vimeo. From downhill slalom and freestyle flatground, to vert and street, the history of skateboarding runs deep and has evolved quite a bit over time. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a ramp surface that’s fast, smooth, weather resistant and […]

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