A Product of Historic Proportions

Skatelite has stood the test of time as the premium skate ramp surface used by the pros, the top action sports camps and the world’s most notable competitions. The X Games, Woodward, Dew Tour, Danny Way’s Hard Rock drop, Hoffman’s record air, Tom Schaar’s 1080, Hawk’s 900 – the legends and the legends-in-making all depend on Skatelite due to the material’s weather resistant, nearly indestructible construction that delivers a balance of speed and grip unattainable through any other surface. Smooth, fast, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s the ideal surface material for indoor or outdoor ramps.

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Less Friction

Skatelite is the smoothest riding surface. Reduced friction results in fewer skin abrasions (or ramp rash) common with other surfaces.

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Safe Temperature

Metal ramps overheat in direct sunlight and may cause skin burns. Skatelite stays a comfortable temperature in any condition.

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Fire Resistant

Skatelite is fire resistant and self extinguishes even under intense flames.

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Cleaner Friendly

Skatelite is unaffected by paint thinners and chemicals. It maintains its smooth finish even after the cleanup crew removes graffiti.

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