We believe skateparks should be accessible to everyone, so when Mandy Young reached out asking for support in the resurfacing of vert ramp at Adrenaline Alley, we of course said yes. The great thing about skateboarding is that essentially all you need is a board and city sidewalks to have fun, however we also know the barriers that come with the sport and the backlash from cities, communities and police. That’s why skateparks are so important for the community. 

Skatelite Vert Ramp Adrenaline Alley UK BMX

Kaine Mitchell from Birmingham, UK airing the vert.

Mandy has an inspiring story, who would have thought one family in the small town of Corby, England could change the lives of so many aspiring athletes. During our shoot, we met many young skaters and bmxers who told us they traveled many hours just to practice at Adrenaline Alley. This massive skatepark has some of the best ramps in Europe and it has built a strong community of riders from all walks of life.

Skatelite Vert Ramp Adrenaline Alley Corby UK

Filming Lucio Oliveira on the newly surfaced vert ramp. 

The best part about this pro level park is it’s accessibility—not only is there a room for every level of expertise but it’s inclusive, affordable and open to everyone. Vert ramps are often some of the hardest features to access for many aspiring athletes, but Adrenaline Alley changes that, it even has a resi ramp for those beginning to learn.

If you get a chance to visit the UK, be sure to add Adrenaline Alley to your itinerary, you will not be disappointed with the variety of features and ramps you’ll have the opportunity to ride.

Skatelite Vert Ramp Adrenaline Alley Corby UK

Another clip with Lucio Oliveira. 



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“Soul Diggin’” Bugseed
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Lucio Oliveira
Kaine Mitchell
Jussi Korhonen
Matty Carlisle
Alex Griffiths