Author: Skatelite Staff

Bob Burnquist’s Rio De Janeiro Vert Ramp: What’s Next?

As we wrap up our time in Rio following the mega vert ramp completion, we talk to Bob Burnquist about the future of skateboarding and his thoughts on the somewhat controversial addition of skateboarding to the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. You’ve most likely heard the news that The International Olympic Committee announced five new sports to be added to the Tokyo 2020 Games, including skateboarding. Skateboarding has always been a counter-culture sport, so naturally all eyes are on how it will fare with the rules and restrictions of the Olympic Games. “We have to get behind the fact...

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Bob Burnquist’s Rio De Janeiro Vert Ramp: Ready, Set, Skate.

Rio de Janeiro has long had a passionate relationship with skateboarding. The skate scene in Rio is growing and this vert ramp is proof. “This is one of the first big public vert ramp projects.” said Bob Burnquist, who spearheaded the ramp. “We’ve had public ramps in the past but this is the first at this level.” With a growing number of government funds going to building public parks, this area is grooming some of tomorrow’s greatest skaters. The nearby public transportation makes it easy for skaters all over the city to access the park. On any given day,...

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