Bob Burnquist Rio Vert Ramp and Why Skateboarding Matters from Skatelite on Vimeo.

From downhill slalom and freestyle flatground, to vert and street, the history of skateboarding runs deep and has evolved quite a bit over time. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a ramp surface that’s fast, smooth, weather resistant and would last through constant abuse. That’s where Skatelite comes in. Proven in the market for nearly 20 years, Skatelite has been the go-to choice for everything from the largest, pro-level courses and record-setting Mega Ramps, to neighborhood parks and backyard mini ramps.

Taking Skatelite’s properties into consideration and its popularity with the world’s top athletes, it was the perfect choice for the recent vert ramp addition to Rio de Janeiro’s Madureira Park. Designed by X Games World Champion Bob Burnquist, Madureira Park now holds the world’s largest public vert ramp, built to an impressive 80 feet wide and 18.5 feet tall. The whole ramp is surfaced with Skatelite Pro and covered by a large roof, leaving plenty of space to set up bleachers for competitions, and allowing for year round use by Rio’s local population of up-and-coming skaters.

Stay tuned during the next few months as we join Bob Burnquist in the development and construction of the Madureira Park vert ramp in Rio. From design and construction, to the inauguration and looking forward to the 2020 Olympics, this will be a big year for both skateboarding and Skatelite.