Rio de Janeiro has long had a passionate relationship with skateboarding. The skate scene in Rio is growing and this vert ramp is proof. “This is one of the first big public vert ramp projects.” said Bob Burnquist, who spearheaded the ramp. “We’ve had public ramps in the past but this is the first at this level.”

With a growing number of government funds going to building public parks, this area is grooming some of tomorrow’s greatest skaters. The nearby public transportation makes it easy for skaters all over the city to access the park. On any given day, skaters—students, kids, and adults—can be found skating on the new vert and the surrounding Madureira Skate Park.

The ramp, which is built to an impressive 80 feet wide and 18.5 feet tall, is based on one principle: a vert ramp that’s designed for Rio’s public to enjoy, skate and develop their skills. “[When building a mega ramp] you’re going to make a decision on a product that’s basically the connection you have with skateboarding and the ground, Skatelite is it.” said Burnquist.

Some of today’s strongest skaters got their start in Rio’s parks. We’re passionate about skateboarding and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Rio’s skate community. Stay tuned for more next month.