We’re back with Bob Burnquist and his team in Rio De Janeiro’s Madureira Park and this time we’re watching the construction of the new vert ramp.

A ramp this size takes planning, patience, and a whole lot of love for the skate community. Pro skater Bob Burnquist knows exactly what it takes to complete a project of this capacity. Born and raised in Brazil, Bob has lived and breathed Rio skate culture since his youth. Knowing the importance of giving back to a place that has given him so much, he reached out to the city of Rio and our team here at Skatelite to build a vert that was open to all skaters.

“We have quality surfaces [in Brazil] but Skatelite is the best out there. So if we were going to build the best vert ramp in Brazil we had to go pro-standards.”

Once the boxes of Skatelite arrived, excitement filled the air. From unpacking the boxes to getting each sheet measured and cut, the team worked tirelessly to finish the project. The whole ramp was surfaced with Skatelite Pro and built 80 feet wide and 18.5 feet tall with a massive roof for year-round skating.

With tons of quality surface options in Brazil, we are excited that Bob Burnquist and his team choose to build with Skatelite. Our goal is to inspire and motivate the next generation to get better at skating and improve their quality of life. Every year we see more pro skaters emerging from this skate culture, and parks like this provide a beneficial sport and passion for the youth in Brazil. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of the Rio De Janeiro skate community.