It’s undoubtedly been an active couple of years for Rio De Janeiro, from hosting the Olympics and the World Cup to their annual carnival celebration, Rio has become a hotbed for tourism and public events. Those aren’t the only big things that are happening in Brazil’s seaside city however. Thanks in part to a community of skaters along with local skate legend Bob Burnquist, the Madureira Skatepark has gotten a monumental upgrade.

Nestled in the sprawling favelas (neighborhoods) of the city, the Madureira Skatepark’s goal is to bring new opportunity to the area’s youth. Designing a vert ramp alongside the big bowl/street complex and beginners area allows for skaters of all ages to add more skills in a variety of skate styles. Bob Burnquist’s goal is to bring the opportunities that he’s been fortunate enough to gain from skateboarding to the community he was born in. This giant Skatelite surfaced vert ramp will encourage skaters to go above and beyond their comfort zone and to discover abilities they never knew they had. Skateparks are indispensable for learning the self discipline it takes to master the sport, along with providing a creative space for youth to express themselves. Meeting new people, creating life long relationships and staying active will always be an important part of why skateparks are essential to communities.

Stay tuned in the coming months as we follow Bob Burnquist and his team through the stages of development and construction of the vert ramp in Madureira Park. From dream to reality, this project will impact the future of skateboarding in Rio.